We service properties every 1 week in the summer because it takes more time, debris, and chemicals to service a property every 2 weeks. We did when we first started, and it was a learning experience. Here are the (very honest) reasons why we do not service properties every 2 weeks in the Summer:

Mowing tall grass during a landscaping and lawn care maintenance service
  • The grass is higher after 2 weeks so after we mow, we typically must blow off or rake the grass which translates into more time per service. Sometimes we even have to mow twice to make your yard look good, especially if you are doing fertilizer.
  • The shrubs have also grown more after 2 weeks which translates into more debris to haul away per service.
  • There are more weeds in the beds which translates into more chemicals and more time to apply them per service.
  • Imagine this scenario… You are on the schedule every 14 days, and it POURS on days 12, 13, and 14. It may take up to 20 days to get to your property. And then we have you, an upset customer because their grass is too long, and an upset crew that is working 12 hours days in 105-degree weather, doing their best to catch up and they have to spend an hour on a property that wanted to go every 2 weeks, just to save money.
  • We have a yearly contract that estimates 40 visits per year. If we drive by and the yard is not ready to be cut and we cannot justify a service, we will not cut it. But we leave that to the discretion of our crew leader.