Research the Average Costs of Lawn Care or Landscaping

Real Case Scenerio

We believe that knowing the average costs of lawn care or landscaping in 2023, before asking any company to come out to quote work, is very helpful.

Research prices first

We recently had a customer ask us to come to his home to quote some work. He wanted to get a price for regular lawn maintenance as well as clean up the back tree line, an 50′ x 25′ area, of all debris, weeds, vines, and small volunteer trees.

It took my husband and I, 30 minutes to drive to his home and then spent at least an hour with him. We have completed this work before manually before. It would probably take 3 of our crew all day to complete the work. Then haul off at least a dump trailer worth of debris, if not more. We have an awesome network of other local, owner-operated companies that we work with. One of those companies has a $150,000+ machine that he can get in there with 1-2 guys and knock it out in a few hours. It would look better than if we could do it. We called them and this company also took the time to drive to the client’s home and gave him the quote while they were there.

Increasing gas prices
Time is money

He informed us at that time that he is currently paying $20 per cut for his yard and only had a $400 budget to do the work in the back. There was not a realistic view of how much landscaping work costs in 2022.

If he had given us his budget ahead of time, or if he knew the average costs of lawn care or landscaping in 2021, we could have saved everybody some time and gas. So we got to googling and found these great links on the web. They range back to 2017 to the current. Knowledge is power. Enjoy the read.

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