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Shrinking Lawn Care Beds and Installing Landscape Design

We removed a total of 22 shrubs, added a pallet of sod to decrease the bed size in the front AND the left side, then installed all new plant materials based on a landscape design with all new drip line irrigation and moved sprinkler heads. We finished it off with fresh large pine bark nugget mulch.

WOW! What a Before and After Difference

With the before picture, we started off with a fairly clean pallet. We first arranged to have the trees thinned and limbed up, to have drainage installed, and to have the stacked natural rock retaining wall installed after we removed all the existing shrubs. Then we installed 25 cubic yards of organic planting mix, installed a total of 220 new plants based on a landscape design with all new drip line irrigation, and finished it off with 23 cubic yards of mulch around the entire house. We then arranged to have a natural stepping stone walkway and empire zoysia sod installed.

Design-d-BeforeLandscape Design

Before removing river birchAfter removing river birch

Removing Trees and Installing a New Landscape Design

This is one of our favorite before and after pictures.

Another Total Renovation

We first had to move the existing crepe myrtle to the back of the property, remove all the rest of the existing plant material and pine straw, and extend the bed on the left. We added a lot of organic planting mix to raise the left side of the landscape beds. We then installed a natural stone rock wall, installed all new plant materials based on a landscape design, and finished it off with new black cypress mulch.

Sun City North before landscape designSun City North after landscape design and rock border

cleanup-spring-beforeLandscape property that had long leaf pine straw installed

Basic Cleanup, Pruning Shrubs & Pine Straw

We removed some large wax myrtles that were crowing the house, redefined the beds, and add some fresh pine straw.

Weeding Lawn Care Beds and Installing a Landscape Design

This was a property where we worked with a local designer and the results speak for themselves. We removed all the weeds by hand and removed all the unwanted plants; We relocated a little gem magnolia, saw palmettos, and gardenias. We tilled 3 yards of organic planting mix into the beds.

remove-weeds-huntersvillepine straw installation

Before tree removal in Blufftonlandscape-design-move-palm-new-sod-huntersville

First Time is the Charm

This is one of our first cleanup and landscape design install jobs. A total transformation. We arranged for the removal of several trees and moving the large sabal palm. We relocated numerous shrubs and palms, installed new empire zoysia sod, and installed fresh large pine bark nuggets.

Complete Renovation

This is property needed a lot of TLC. The builders put way too many viburnums in the front beds. We replaced the oak in front with a fan palm. We extended the landscape bed on left, removed a total of 14 sweet viburnum, installed shrubs and flowers based on landscape design, and replaced pine straw with black mulch.

Before landscape design and plant installationSun City North after landscape design

Sun City before removing tree and installing new sodAfter new zoysia sod

Such An Improvement

This property is a different as night and day. We arranged to have the tree removed, installed new zoysia sod, removed shrubs, added flowers. What an improvement!