Plant Material Delays and Shortages

In the Spring, the demand for quality plant material is always high. Stockpiles of plant material were depleted during the pandemic as home gardeners took to the stores. The pandemic coupled with 2021 winter’s historic freezes in Texas left the market short.

In addition, the plant industry has been facing many challenges. Shortages in the labor market, as well as material shortages (potting medium, fertilizers, and plastic pots), have left a void in availability and longer lead times.

Although growers are planting as fast as they can, recovery takes time. The farms are not always able to keep up with the demand. Plant material is likely to be younger and of a smaller spec compared to what you have purchased in the past.

Please feel free to contact us about our current plant specifications before you place your order. In addition, when possible, please provide extra lead time as it may take longer for your items to arrive.