We have been in this industry since 2015. We are building our reputation in Huntersville, NC but our company in SC had a 4.9 out of 5.0 rating with Google with 69 reviews at the time of this article. A Cut Above has a concrete reputation for quality, integrity, and communication. A Cut Above Landscaping will gladly share their licensing and proof of insurance at any time.


We hear this all the time… “You actually answered your phone,” then “You actually showed up,” then “You actually sent an estimate,” then “You actually showed up to do the work.” We do try to answer the phone almost every time. To be honest, we really do prefer email ( I would say communication and integrity are the two words that would describe A Cut Above Landscaping


We have liability insurance and pay our taxes. We maintain our equipment with frequent services and sharpen our mower blades frequently. Our equipment runs on gas and oil which costs money.


A Cut Above Landscaping will give you a very comprehensive, detailed description of the work we are offering to do for the amount indicated on your estimate. Pictures are taken and drawn on and then uploaded to Google albums and shared with each client to go along with the detailed description on the estimate. This is a manual process and we sometimes forget. If you did not receive an invitation, please just ask. Pictures do speak 1,000 words.


When we estimate a first time service, we ask ourselves two questions: “How long will this take?” and “How much debris must we haul off?” A Cut Above charges per man-hour, depending on what we were asked to do. We will always give an estimate to complete the project correctly so, for example, if we prune a shrub in half, A Cut Above Landscaping does not stop there. Dead branches are also removed and suckers are pruned (those branches that grow straight up without branching) further into the shrub. This will allow new growth not only in the outer area of the shrub but in the center as well. Not all landscapers know how to do this or take the time to do it. We calculate how much debris we need to haul away by either pick-up load and/or trailer load. When we leave your property, we are not finished as we still have to pay our employees to drive to a landfill and then pay to be able to dump it depending on the weight. Nothing is guessed because we have been doing this so long.


We return phone calls and emails quickly.

Karen and Mike provides exceeding quality with abundant results. Their customer service is impeccable. They have current business features that make payment convenient and knowledge rich newsletters. This small business is as impactful as any large corporation. We are treated with care and urgency. We are not a number or just a client.

Charmaine W., A Cut Above Landscaping

Working with Karen & Mike (owners) has truly been a pleasure. They are in constant communication with their clients and keep them informed on every step of a project. From the initial visit, to the estimation and confirmation of work, to the billing and continual communication, there is pretty much a clear picture of everything before the work even starts and throughout the project.

The crew is also fantastic. Very polite and personable guys who do an outstanding job and are willing to speak with the property owner and pass along information when necessary. Whenever they come to do a job and leave, it’s like they were never here… always conscientious to clean up work areas.

I was surprised and impressed when Karen would show up to inspect the work to ensure everything was being accomplished as she expects. Karen is very detail oriented and expects the crew to provide the same quality work that she would do herself. Bravo!!

I HIGHLY recommend them!!

Renee H., A Cut Above Landscaping