Thank you for choosing A Cut Above Landscaping LLC for the next year. We are confident that you will be very satisfied with the services that we offer. Please make sure to add us to your approved email senders list. If you did not check out our before and after page, please take a moment to do so.
Your property will need to be serviced 1x week in the summer, especially if you are taking care of your lawn with proper irrigation and chemical program. By the end of November, we will go into leaf removal mode. When the grass starts slowing down more, we will go to every 2 weeks. Some will have to stay on a weekly rotation because of the size of the property, the number of shrubs, or trees they have that are dropping leaves. This is further explained on our FAQ page.
We do not offer to go every 2 weeks during the heavy growing season. There is more work to be done when you wait that long in-between visits and it is harder on the equipment. If you stop services altogether in the winter, there will be a spring cleanup fee if you wish to start back up with us.
We average a total of 25-40 visits per year. Our minimum price is $225/month. Please let us know if I need to clarify anything. As your needs change, we will be happy to help you evaluate those needs and offer you the services that will help you achieve your new goals.
Below is a list of lawn care maintenance services that will be performed.
  • Mow all turf areas as needed
  • Trim all areas inaccessible to the mower with a line trimmer (spray around wires)
  • Edge all walkways, driveways & landscape beds as needed
  • Trim shrubs as needed
  • String trim, pull, and/or spray weeds in landscape beds as needed
  • Blow all resulting clippings with a blower
  • Remove a maximum of one trash can of debris, per visit
  • In the event of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, the services provided will be scheduled for the next available day.
Additional services are provided at an additional cost. Please email your request and we will send you an estimate.
  • Mulch, rock, and/or pine straw
  • Pruning overgrown shrubs
  • Spring cleanup
  • Fall cleanup
  • Leaf cleanup
  • Storm cleanup
  • Bed redefiner
  • Any more than one trash can of debris
  • Design/install plants
  • Trash/junk removal
For lawn care maintenance services, we require either a debit or credit card to be on file, ACH bank draft information, or 12 post dated checks, or the yearly payment in full with a 7% discount (in which you could also use cash, check, Venmo, Zelle, or CashApp) to be determined at the time you sign a contract with us. You will be billed automatically on the 1st of each month to your payment method on file. For one time projects, a 50% deposit is due upon acceptance of the estimate with the remaining balance due on the day of completion.

For EVERY review you post on Google, Yelp, FaceBook, NextDoor, or refer someone you will receive a $10 credit on your account. There is no limit on this offer. Just send us a screenshot or make sure the person mentions your name.