We may not have to mow every single time we are at your property. The grass growth starts to slow down in September and, by November, we switch to leaf removal mode. Most people think in the wintertime, it takes LESS time to perform a lawn maintenance service on your property, but in fact, it takes even MORE time to service a property. We must blow the leaves out of the beds and rake or mulch the debris. In the fall, winter, and early spring, when the grass is dormant, we have time to work on items that we do not have time to do in the growing season. We thin out (prune out suckers), limb up shrubs (make sure nothing is touching the ground), prune dead out of shrubs, dig out vines by the roots, prune landscape perennials and small grasses, as well as some other items. We will send you an estimate if it falls outside of a “normal” service. We figure we will be at your property an average of 40 times per year.