Irrigation, Drainage, and Grading

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Every spring, homeowners turn on their irrigation system hoping that everything is working just as it did the previous fall. If a sprinkler head doesn’t pop up right, or rotor head doesn’t turn correctly, or worse, there is no power to the sprinklers, it’s time for you to call in the experts.

Your sprinkler system and irrigation needs to be properly tuned and checked before trying to water any part of your landscape. Our irrigation technician has been trained to use a system of checks and testing to ensure your sprinklers, controller box, timer, valve zones, and circuits are all working as they should.

Irrigation Sprinkler head

Our Irrigation Tune-Up Process

  • Inspect the irrigation system for any wet spots in the lawn or leaks around the spray heads and rotors.
  • Check for sprinkler heads that are bent or laying over, cracks or damage.
  • Check for any broken, malfunctioning, or cracked sprinkler heads or nozzles.
  • Adjust all spray-type sprinklers and test spray patterns to ensure optimal coverage.
  • Clean and adjust all rotor-type sprinklers, testing for total coverage to make sure there are no dry spots.
  • Investigate for wet spots, dry spots, and leaks.
  • Ensure all zones are working by checking each station zone by zone.
  • Identify all heads that are in need of being raised or lowered.
  • Examine rain and freeze sensors for proper operation.
  • Set controller for proper settings based on weather conditions and the season.
  • Make recommendations for repairs or improvements.

Don’t wait until you notice a problem.

After we’ve done a full checkup and performed any necessary sprinkler maintenance on your system, we’ll run it through several cycles. We want to make sure it’s still maintaining proper water pressure, and that all the zones in the system are performing exactly as they’re supposed to.

If we find that your sprinkler system is demonstrating intermittent problems, we’ll immediately diagnose the issue and provide you an estimate on any necessary sprinkler system repair.

A good irrigation system is vital to having a beautiful lawn so do not run a dormant sprinkler system before having it properly inspected and checked. Call us for all your maintenance and tune-ups for your sprinklers and irrigation system. You will be surprised how much money and time you’ll save by having an expert technician service your system.

Let us help you with your drainage issues:

Drainage systems are installed to control the amount of water flow into your landscapes, gardens, lawns, and basement or foundation. This helps prevent soil erosion after heavy rains. Excess standing water can choke your plants and rot the roots. Proper drainage helps prevent the loss of nutrients in the soil. With all the rain we get here in the Lowcountry each summer, proper drainage is very important to maintain proper care of your lawn and plants. Usual drainage tasks we perform are:

  • Runoffs from gutters using catch basins
  • Redirecting gutters to the road
  • Installing French drains to provide a channel for water to flow through via a gravel-filled trench
  • Removing excess water from landscape beds
What is a catch basin and how is it used?
A catch basin is a large drain, usually placed in low areas of a yard, to catch surface runoff water. It usually consists of a surface drain that leads to an enlarged box beneath that is then tied to an underground drainage system that finally leads to downspout drains or storm sewers.


Do you notice that you have standing water after a lot of rain? Is the water flowing towards the house instead of towards the sewers in the street? If so, you probably have poor grading. Proper grading is the crucial foundation needed to install any landscape design element and to ensure correct drainage. Grading levels the ground and properly slopes it for your specific property. It helps prevent erosion, standing water and structural damage. Request a quote from us to fix any grading issues in your yard!